Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Day Round-Up

So . . . it's 2:00 and my MIL is coming for dinner in 3 hours.  I really should be cleaning and cooking -- or something!  But after a busy morning of trying to exceed my own (ridiculous) expectations of providing a heart shaped breakfast and lunch to the crew, making Pepper's valentines and cleaning up vomit from four rooms --all produced by one tiny 3 year old -- I have decided to put my feet up, eat Rolos  and blog about Valentine's Day instead.

We love the Love Day.  We are head-over-heels in love with love.  I blame it on homeschooling and a need to fill the days with  - - - s-o-m-e-t-h-i-n-g.  I also blame it on the fact that for 11 years, I had only two daughters. Girls and romance go together.  It's true.

Therefore, we started celebrating Valentine's day about two weeks ago when la pequeña muchacha was here.  We started with the kitchen hearts.  Everyone made a heart for each other family member saying something we loved about them.  42 hearts is a lot and our cupboards are thoroughly decorated. 

I've been working on the valentines with each child as time allowed and we came up with some cuties this year.

The Blitz's are the simple ones front right.  Many of his were complex affairs with a dozen or more foam heart stickers are stacked up and overlapping.  The one I pulled for the photo happened to be pretty organized.

These cute photos of Tinker did not turn out exactly as planned and were originally supposed to be photos of Bennie. He completely did not "get" what he was supposed to be doing and instead kept punching me.  I finally gave up. 

The Captain had a ball making the jungle animal ones. They really are so cute. (Thank you, Pinterest.)  He did not quite get the play on words -- e.g., "I'm not lion, you're my Valentine" --but Tinker thought they were hilarious.

I also made these cute nosegays of Hershey Kiss rosebuds for his teacher. 

I sent Rice Krispie hearts to school instead of my usual cupcakes because they have a gluten free child in the class.  I am not happy that they weren't even half as cute as the ones on the Kelloggs site but since I followed the directions exactly, I suspect food artistry is the culprit.

We have a big bouquet of the rosebuds for Grandma when she arrives. Maybe all the chocolate will put stars in her eyes and she won't notice the mess.  Fingers crossed!

Sunshine made these cute dynamite ones for her friends.  Pinterest again, thank you very much.

Pepper has been busier than a one-armed-paper-hanger trying to get her room in shape for homeschooling.  In honor of that, I made her valentines for her right quick this morning.  They're the ones (from the grouping picture) with the obligatory paper heart doilies that we have to employ at least once every Valentine's Day.

These are the folded paper valentines that I made for Dear Hubby, the bigs, and a couple of friends.  I am in love with these fun vintage crafties; to make them yourself, I YouTubed the tutorial for you!  I think they would make cute thank-yous to leave on wedding reception tables or as invites to a shower.  I will definitely be looking for ways to re-purpose this idea!

Our Valentine's Lunch.  The girls weren't hungry so only got 2 strawberries each; the Littles had a handful.  The eggs and ham rolls are both supposed to be molded into hearts; neither really worked.  Oh well! 

Finally, here are my returning bowlers.  I "got" to stay home with my little sick girl..  It's the first time I've missed Valentine Bowling in 11 years!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  Hope it is a day filled with love!

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