Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Experimental Esthetician

 I may have mentioned that a few months back, Pepper started cutting the Littles hair.  She thought she could do it and we had the tools, so I let her start with The Blitz, since The Captain had a school party the next day. She did great, so I let her move on.

We have been making tiny adjustments along the way and she works like a pro now.  Here's The Blitz.

And his brother:

She's good enough that Dear Hubby decided to let her give his hair a try!  I think she did awesome, what do you think?

Oh, and she trimmed Tinks' bangs, too.  Now that we know Tink has cowlicks, we're letting the top of her hair grow out so those big curls won't stand straight up all the time.

In thanks for all the money (and perhaps more importantly, time) she is saving me, I bought her a hot wax kit.  She has been waxing her eyebrows for some time with this cheesy kit we bought at the drugstore.  It's not really wax.  So I got her the whole shebang for less than the 3 haircuts would have cost. 

We decided to let her try it out on my legs.  It hurt less that I thought it would and it was so worth it!  Sorry, no cheesecake photos here, folks.

Then she did her own brows.  Ever her mother's daughter, she decided to reuse some of the strips she had partially used ( to avoid waste) because that had worked on my legs.  She accidentally got a pea-sized glob of wax stuck to her eyebrow and pulled out a chunk she meant to save.  Oopsie!  I told her she could just draw it in and she did it so expertly you couldn't see the missing piece.

She had a good sense of humor about it and has given me permission to spill the beans to you!  So here's the photographic evidence!

And while we're at it, her only other mishap -- ever -- was this little bobble near The Blitz's ear.

 But hey, since he moves around like a bobble-head the whole time, it could have happened to anyone! I actually don't know how she does it.

There you have it; she's handy in the kitchen, she's an artist, and now an experimental esthetician.  Astounding!


  1. Yeah for the multi-talented Alli.

  2. Tell Peps that she can use some baby oil to get out any accidental wax drips without ripping off wanted hair. And... if she is really into the eyebrow thing, she can learn to do 'threading' - which only requires cotton thread. It is an art for sure! I would guess she could probably learn to thread pretty easily on YouTube. Love from London... Erin XOXO