Saturday, November 20, 2010

National Adoption Day aka TISCHLER Adoption Day!

We had an amazing day yesterday, when "The Littles" officially joined our clan.  For today only I'm using everyone's real names in the post, just so you don't have to work your brain so hard!  Just a minute ago, I was reading the headlines to Paul:  "28 Former Foster Children Welcomed into 11 Families in McClennan County,"  and Gabriel said, "Me, Mama?  That was me?"  It was the sweetest moment ever!

We had to drive to Waco (85 miles or so) to McClennan County for the National Adoption Day.  The good folks at McClennan County did a great job of making it fun for the kids -- which is great because really only Gabriel had a clue about any of it.  They had a fun party room with a balloon-animal guy, life size Toy Story characters (Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Raggedy Andy and a Toy Soldier), balloons, chicken, pizza and cake!  Oh and chocolate milk.  And grapes.  Every kids' dream and every mom's choking-hazard nightmare!  But they loved it.

The day was extra sweet for Paul and I because ALL the grandparents were there.  Paul's Mom, Gerry Tischler and my folks -- Les and Donna Huntley --- traveled up with us and Paul's dad and step-mom, Fred and Pam Tischler drove down to meet us.

Our CPS caseworker, CPS adoption worker, Gabriel's original caseworker, our Marywood worker, and our CASA volunteer and superviser were all there to enjoy the fruits of their labor.  There are lots of "hard" days in the world of CPS so it was truly wonderful to see them have a good day!   They have all worked so hard on behalf of these kids!

Enough talk -- on with the photos!

Benjamin, Gabriel, Marguerite

Gerry Tischler, Allison holding Bennie, Donna and Les Huntley, Dreena holding Maggie Rose, Paul holding Gabriel, Chanelle

The welcoming committee

All of us with the judge

"The Littles with Kara -- their worker

Fred and Pam Tischler (waiting our turn!)

The Judge!

Pam and Maggie Rose

The big girls, Alli and Chanelle

Ms. Diane - CASA volunteer for the kids

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Short List of Random Things

All the kids are funny.  Even the big ones --- although they appreciate it less when I laugh at them.  So I am making a couple of notes for posterity.

Sunshine has been wanting "boots" for a year.  I'd characterize them as go-go style boots.  Yesterday we bought her Christmas dress, tights and boots.  She's so happy.   She looks like a girl from the 60's but with more sparkle.  The boots are Candies brand.  So Sunshine modeled her outfit for the folks and I and mused, "There are a lot of things that are Candies brand.  Clothes and purses and shoes and even Lamme's chocolates."  Funny.

The Blitz is talking up a storm and has entered a new funny phase.  He stands in the middle of the room with no one touching him and points at various people and says, "No.  No, NO!"  This is very confusing to The Captain and Tink.  They keep looking at me to make sure I know they are not actually doing anything to him.  He has also learned to sing Happy Birthday, thanks to Grandma and Aunt Toots having a birthday this week.  The only word you can actually understand is "you" but he is obviously very sincere about it.  Yesterday's phrase was "I love you"  which sounds a lot like "Lie-La-LOOOOOH" but it is really cute.  He was tickled pink that I understood him.

This morning someone accidentally tooted -- okay it was me.  I was sitting on the sofa.  Tink looked at me very compassionately and said, "Did you poop?" She can make the most sincere faces -- it is really hard to discipline her without cracking up.  I noticed Mamaw suddenly has to leave the room almost every time she gets in trouble.

The Captain was really into Trick-or-Treating.  Now every single day he asks me, "Trick or Treat?"  And the time change has thrown this poor boy for a loop.  He wakes up early and then mommy gets cross when he wakes his sibs.  And he is STARVING the second he awakens which has messed with my schedule, big time.  He is also starving when he gets home from school and he is mighty impatient to get into the house and eat.  He is really taking charge of his talking now and actually initiates conversations with me, especially about school.  I cannot believe how truly thrilling this is.

Pepper had a couple of sick days lately and has amused us all with her ability to quote movies with accents, especially Monty Python.  She has also suddenly become an accomplished whistler, something I am utterly unable to do.  She recently got a chance to do a field trip with the older art students -- they sketched a live model.  She totally amazes me with her artistic ability.

That's the news from the funny farm.  Wish I'd have had a blog when the big girls were "littles!"

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween with the Bigs and the Littles

Halloween is over. I survived. As usual, nothing quite went as planned; lesson learned. Next year (and I am saying this out loud so I actually have to stick to it) NO pizza! Last minute changes in plans equated to a LOT of leftover pizza -- again. Next year - build your own sandwich bar. That way, the leftovers are more useful.

I really wanted "the Littles" to get an early start. I was afraid the
"spooks" would scare the pants off Tink. Well we did get an early start about an hour later than I'd planned! We have a family rule -- you only trick-or-treat as far as you can walk. Because that's probably about how much fun you can stand.

The Captain was a bossy cowboy. Ooops. Did I say that out loud?  I meant a cowboy. Tink was a "whimsical witch" - super cute. The Blitz was a sweaty doggy. His costume was way too hot. I feared that -- I bought it when we had that real brief cold spell. Of course I can't post pics of the darling dearlings because of foster care rules. So you will have to take my word for it.

The big girls were enterprising in their costumes this year and I spent a grand total of $10 on both! Sunshine was a "scene girl." No one seems to know what this is. I'd call it "punk rock meets pink." Pepper was a kitty -- adorable -- although this photo is scary. I like it that the girls aren't gruesome in their costuming. Even hubby got in on the act with his jester costume.

The church still had Religous Education last night. Both girls laughed themselves silly when I asked them if they wanted to go! Seriously? How many people do you think turned up? It's pretty over the top when even I am not "that good."

I let Pepper trick-or-treat. I know she's "too old" -- but she was not anywhere near the oldest of the kids who came to my door. What do you think, dear reader, is 14 too old?

After all the yelling (mine) to get the Littles out the door, it was actually fun. The Bigs had a ball and the Littles could not believe they were lucky enough to be given CANDY! Hope your day was just as great!