Sunday, March 16, 2014

Birthday Boys

The Spring Birthday season has arrived! And not a moment to soon for The Captain!

On Friday, this sweet boy turned 7.  We started the day with birthday pancakes, which were really just our whole-wheat pancakes with sprinkles; don't tell the kids they were still the healthy ones!  I did give them a choice of syrup or frosting (left over from cupcakes) and they all picked frosting. Oh, yuck.

We took cupcakes to daycare (it's Spring Break and Mama works on Fridays so, daycare!) and cupcakes to ball practice but told him a few days back the celebration would wait until Saturday. He got back from ball practice around 7:30 and ate his birthday Mac & Cheese and went to bed anxious for Saturday.

He loved his presents. There was a sweet moment where he got some handkerchiefs I had given him and said, "These remind me of Papa. Sometimes when he isn't here I have to remember hard that he isn't dead. But these will help me remember that I see Papa again some day."  Oh, it broke my heart! He loves his Papa so much.

We got him a basketball hoop and obviously a basketball. He opened the ball and all his other gifts and then Daddy said we needed to come outside to see something. He was standing there with the camera and caught this great shot of The Captain when he saw the hoop.
We've hardly seen him since. We hear a lot of ball dribbling and "boing-g-g-g-g-g-" and we know where he is. He hit the pavement in his jammies this morning and it was none to warm out there. So cute.

Daddy had a great birthday too. I bought him a Fitbit --which he didn't know he wanted-- but already loves. He loves data so much and it is a data machine.

He also got tons of music and lots of other nice stuff. We had King Ranch Chicken for dinner (Dad's fav) and Pepper made them both her amazing Bananas Foster Cake.  It was a great day, truly.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ballplayers, Beards, Bad Haircuts and Boyfriends: Photos from Feb

You tell me. Are these the two most adorable ball players ever?

We've got an Angel

And a White Sox

This little guy adores his big bro

Some sister shots:

And a poor choice haircut:

Daddy is growing his beard to prove to me that it will never get long no matter how many months he grows it. I think it is looking good!

And finally, the photo debut of Pepper's boyfriend. Hmmm. He needs a nickname. Guess we'll call him "Chef." He is a wonderful cook like Pepper and they met at the Caphalon Store. Isn't that romantic?

This photo looks staged but isn't. This is how
much she smiles around him all the time.  
Okay. They caught me. It may have been the blinding flash.
This sweet guy brought her DINNER! Greatest boyfriend ever.