Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Home Arts and School

When I was in high school, each semester for 3 years, we chose between home economics, wood-shop or mechanics.  I chose Home Ec all but once, and loved it.  Home Ec is a thing of the past in schools today, as much due to economics as to politics.

Home education is the perfect venue for Home Ec.  Now that both older girls are in their teens, it seems an appropriate time to introduce (or in some cases, review) these home arts.  I was working on a modern Home Ec syllabus when I happened on this list of 15 life skills our kids need. Some of these were perfect additions to my Home Ec course.

I don't know if I will be homeschooling the "Littles." My official line is that I won't, but our homeschool lifestyle has provided so many blessings, I'm keeping it in the "back up plan" department.  If these three ever use my Home Ec syllabus, I will revise it based on their interests and what I think they need to know at that time.

After all this work, I've decided to share it.  Why not?  One caveat, this Google.doc is a working document for me, so I will be changing and adjusting it as I work my way through it.  If you use it and want it to remained unchanged, I recommend you save a copy for yourself.  That way you can edit it, as well. I have linked it here, enjoy!

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