Monday, July 29, 2013

Eating Healthy! Menu Plan Monday

It's Monday!  Time to join in her Menu Plan Monday link-up.

This week is focused on Mom and Dad eating yummy but lower calorie food whilst keeping the kiddos full. (For instance, all the egg dishes are "whites only" for the grown ups and a mix of whole and whites for the children.) Focus Two? Meals that are a "flash in the pan;" it's too blasted hot for long-cooking recipes. I'm spending more time drinking ice tea and a lot less standing over the stove!

If you stay in my home, you quickly realize I make a lot of new recipes. We have our "tried and true," of course, but I love new recipes. I picked up a book at Weight Watchers called What to Eat NowMany of these meals are from that book although I have been able to find links elsewhere. And for your viewing pleasure, in getting a link for the book, I discovered a two-season BBC series by the same name. BBC and documentary?  Count me in!

Florentine Omelette (4), fruit
Lemony Hummus and Goat Cheese pitas (5)
Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry,(5) brown rice

Quick Berry Blintzes (4)
Ham and Swiss Pannini with Red Pepper Mayo (6), Fire and Ice Cukes
Chicken and Rice Burritos (8), fat-free refried beans

Greek Yogurt and Figs (6)
Chicken Tomato Quesadilla (8), Corn Salad, Salsa
Thai Style Beef Salad (4), edamame, bread for the kiddies

Thursday (usually "Pasta Day" but Polenta is a good foil for pasta:
Top of the Morning Smoothie (6)
Meditteranean Salmon Wraps (8), fresh fruit
Polenta with Sausage and Peppers (7)

Friday is "Sandwich Day":
Egg and Cheese Burrito Roll (6)
Easy Lobster Rolls (6). cole slaw
Three Cheese Potato Tacos (15 ()using pre-made taco shells), Frijoles de la Olla (3) Iceburg Salad, Fruit Salad

(Picnic breakfast) Yogurt, granola bars, slushy juice packs and trail mix
Snack Plate
Low Cal Filet Mignon, Sauteed Zucchini (5) and Brown Rice (Sirloin for the kiddos)

Eggs and lox scramble (6) (plus toast for the kiddies)
Weight Watcher's Reuben Sands (8), pickles, Strawberries
Pork Chops w/ Cherry Pan Sauce ( 7), pureed sweet potatoes, Broccoli Romanesco

Here is my prep list for the week, all of which I will complete on Sunday. I made a page of "Save" stickers to keep the family out of my ingredients! I have a special shelf in my freezer for the items I will use this week so it's easy to just grab them the night before. When I do my prep, I will clean and organize the produce drawer and make "grab and go" snack bags of gapes, tomatoes and baby carrots.

Make 32 crepes, cool.
Make red pepper mayo
Cook 6 chicken breast for quesadilla, shred, freeze
Chop 36 olives, store in brine in fridge (will use 1/3 of them for sausage & polenta dish)
Chop 6 stalks celery
Prep mayo-sauce for lobster rolls
Prep tomato mix for pitas
Pre-cook sirloin, slice, freeze
Slice round steak (1.5) pounds
Slice 4 bell peppers
Make "fire and ice" cukes (equal parts water and vinegar, several packets truvia)
Grab and go bags

What's cooking at your house?

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