Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Quick Update on the Blitz

Today my friend Hazel came to see me;  she lives in England so it was a true treat!  I could have used about 4 days of her but I am very grateful for the hours we had!

Since I was so busy soaking up the Hazel Love, it took me a while to get to my laptop but the biopsy results are in:

The Blitz, bless him, does not have Celiac disease.  I am so very grateful.  So he has a wheat allergy but all other glutens are fine.  His colon is fine.  In a surprise turn, he does have reflux.  Who knew?

This makes life easier as it is much less limiting, and he could outgrow the allergy.  It also won't be SO critical if he gets a bit of wheat now and then.  That said, he feels oh so much better since we have eliminated wheat completely and I fully intend to keep him away from it. 

Anyway, Yay!!

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  1. So glad he's not allergic to all glutens! Makes everything so much easier.