Monday, January 30, 2012

The Land of the Living (Barely)

Almost everyone is sick.  Really sick.  The Blitz is the worst, with a temp fluctuating between 103 and 105; Pepper is a couple degrees behind (but upchucking) followed by The Captain who started the day fever-free and ended it at 101.  Sunshine is sick but not feverish last I checked;  all (even Tink) are coughing that kind of yucky cough that sets off the "cower and cover" reflex if they are too close.  Oh my.

Nonetheless, they are all being really sweet kids and as long as I aspire to accomplish nothing, all is well. 

I am feeling strong and fit - no worries. The baby spent the whole day flopping between my arms and the cool floor; everyone else is lounging here and there.  I think all 5 are finally asleep for the night now -- I'm hoping they all feel better tomorrow.  I can't stand it when even one is sick, much less 4 of 5. 

Two funny events of the day:
Tinker marches into the kitchen, arms crossed across her chest."Mama, The Blitz is trying to make me sick!  He cough all over me." 

And The Captain, arriving home from school says, "Mom.  Take my picture."
"Sure, son, but why?"
"Cuz dis how I look sick!"

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  1. I love having a large family. Except on sick days. I don't know what's worse, when they are all sick at the same time, or when they domino and you have sick kids for two weeks. Stay healthy!