Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cute Sayings and Other Miscellanea

Life has been too tonsillectomy centered to talk about much else lately. But the dust is finally settling and I have a minute to share.

Tinker has a funny take on life. For one thing, she is trying to add to her vocabulary, so the other day, I said, "I washed your lunch bag and it's still damp . . ." so she said, "yes, you have to be careful with that damn lunchbag." I said, "damPPPP." And she said, "Yes, the damn lunchbag." Okay. I give up.

Also she got in oh-so-much trouble in Spanish class. Apparently she was in one of her lighthearted moods and was skipping around the room and when the instructor told her she had to sign the "reflections log" she flat refused. Oh, my, she is handful. I just keep reminding myself that Sunshine was a handful too and she is the most wonderful girl these days.

The Blitz and The Captain watched the super bowl with Daddy (yes, this is old news). We apparently learned a few football terms but lately, The Blitz has been having "brain tackles." That's when you just can't figure something out. And the other day in the midst of all the chaos around his surgery, I mentioned that I forgot to put a snack in The Captain's backpack. "That's a fumble, Mom," says The Blitz. Yesterday, I asked him if he could count backwards from 20. He said, "Nope. I'll punt."

Did I mention that my team hosted the Superbowl Party for the youth at church? It turned out so great. We had chili and cornbread, pigs in a blanket, pepperoni rolls, cocktail meatballs, queso and chips, fresh veggies, homemade cookies, football shaped oreo balls (like a cake pop made with oreos), jello jigglers in team colors, and team colored homemade pixi stix. It was a hit. We had almost nothing leftover.

I stole a few ideas from Pinterest and we covered a couple of tables in astro turf and applied field lines with electrical tape and put "touch down" and yard markers on with decals. We did cardboard cutouts of ball players.  It turned out so cute. The kids were appreciative and we had so much fun doing it. Another teammate decorated the room with streamers and it was really festive.

Sunshine's confirmation is coming up on March 29. I'd better start making some plans. She said, "I don't want a fuss. I just want to come home and relax with the family." One thing is for sure, I won't be making that cake I made for Pepper. It was a lot of fuss and was just not that cool. I may try this rose one instead but it will likely be all white. That said, if she likes red velvet that would be the PERFECT cake for confirmation.

Pepper has been busy in the kitchen as always and made a lovely meal for us and her boyfriend. She made pork loin with roasted vegetables. It was perfect. I think her boyfriend thought I was insane because I kept saying this like, "this is just perfect," and "This tastes so good," and "these vegetables could not be any better." And he thought I cooked it. Hahahahaha. He finally caught on that Pepper did and I had such a great (private) laugh. Oh . . . my . . . goodness!

That's the news from here. We are just enjoying life and worrying less about the mess. What's new in your world?

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