Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bad, Bad Baby Part Deux

Maybe this post should be titled, "Stupid, Stupid Mommy."

So after a minor medical procedure I slept all day.  Then I was awake most of the night so I did what all night owls do, I sewed.  Did I mention I have a brand new sewing machine?  She's a beauty.   I have a pretty big pile of costumes to conquer and I was really into it so next thing I knew, it was 4:30 a.m. 

Since The Littles are unsympathetic to my lack of sleep, I quickly tidied up and went to bed.  But I neglected two things;  first, I did not put the cover on the machine.  I always, always cover it so that it's beauty doesn't entice little fingers.  Secondly, I left a black sharpie out.  All I can say by way of excuse is that I was still not quite in my right mind.  I have never, never left a sharpie out and have delivered plenty of lectures on same.

I thought I never let him out of my sight this morning.  But it probably only took 30 seconds:
He was thoughtful about it -- he carefully hit all the buttons most of the places that were already written on.
You gotta admire his fine motor control hitting those buttons.
I did manage to clean off the stitch selection window with a glasses cleaner. 

Hey Mom, I know I let Jason draw on your quilt with markers when he was 2-1/2, but can you please call off the curse?  I thought we were even when Sunshine wrote "Sisssssy" on my bedroom carpet in foot high letters!