Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Egg work
On Easter Saturday, the Littles' godparents took the Littles--while Dear Hubby and Pepper kept Puddin'-- so the Easter Bunny could get organized.  What a blessing!  When I returned home, Pepper had started the egg dying and when Sunshine came in from a night away, she finished the job.  I have really great kids, don't I?

And it gets better!  On Easter Monday, both girls got out to clean off and rearrange the back patio.  It looks really great.   They did this totally on their own, folks, I swear.   I feel so happy when I look out there.  They even used SOAP!

Evidence of the Easter Bunny
We had a wonderful dinner at Grandmas.  It is so nice to know I don't have to cook in the midst of all the festivities.  We missed my niece and sister though.

All the kids had fun Easter-egg hunting.  The Blitz was uncharacteristically laid back about it.  Good thing we gave him a head start.  He wandered slowly out, picked up an egg, examined it, exclaimed over it, opened it, and then talked about it.  Funny!  Puddin' was the egg collecting star.  She just flew out there and scooped them up like her shoes were on fire.  But she is extraordinarily fond of candy.

Speaking of Puddin', we finally filled her up.  Yesterday for the first time since she's been here, she said, "I'm full," and handed me back a couple of chips.  She and The Captain are getting very attached -- there is going to be grieving when she leaves.  I would venture to say they are best friends.

I don't have a lot of pictures I can post because a certain little blonde is in a lot of them, but here are a couple shots of the fun. Dear Hubby was so busy trying to get clear shots of the Littles, he somehow missed the Bigs.  We'll all wear our Easter finest to church this week and see if we can get a family shot.  

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