Wednesday, January 29, 2014

News Day

Okay. I confess. My Christmas tree is still up. I blame my New Year's resolutions.  I have been doing well at spending time with each member of my little clan every day and a number of other things on my resolutions -- but I think I should have added "Take down Christmas by mid-January." Maybe by the weekend!

We have had a weird start to the second half of school. It's so chopped up anyway with holidays and then we've had two "bad weather" days already -- and it's still January.  I predict at least one more in February because that is our traditional ice storm month. The kids have loved it though and it did my heart good to see my whole family just playing, sleeping and having a deep breath yesterday. Pepper went to the grocery store for me since the roads weren't passable in the morning and I came home to see her immersed in our planned-for baked ziti; what a joy!

Pepper finished her second quarter with her second set of straight As. The boys also had promising school reports, with The Captain showing amazing progress.  The Blitz continues to concern me with his notable lack of motor skills so we are seeing the pediatrician this week.  At almost five, he can't form letters at all and still runs "funny." He is smart as a whip and has amazing auditory processing. That fine-motor set is just still far behind. It will be interesting to see what the pediatrician thinks. He was a 27 week preemie so there may be some lingering issue. I just don't know!

In other news, Pepper received her acceptance letter from Stephen F Austin; we've requested her housing, all her transcripts and tests are in. Her scholarship application goes in today and now all that's left is orientation in July. Life is good.

Sunshine registered for ball last week and both boys, as well. I'd better start planning some portable meals because we are going to be living at the ballpark. Tinker thinks she wants to play ball too but I think she really wants to dance so I am trying to find her a dance or tumbling class this spring and then next year we will try to get her in dance as a part of her after-care program.

That's the news from the frosty southwest. Global warming is nowhere in sight around here! Happy Wednesday.

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