Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Love Day!

We are big fans of Valentine's Day. It started when the girls were just toddlers and we got together with homeschooling friends to bowl and exchange Valentines. Over time, it became a serious holiday in our house. This year will be the first year I've ever worked on Valentine's Day, and the first year the older girls have had boyfriends so life is different. This may also be the first year in a dozen that we don't actually go bowling.

 Sunshine will be with a group at Jumpstreet and Pepper will be with us entertaining the Littles. I did order a girly flick to watch with the girls, maybe Thursday night, to get us in the mood. I chose Desk Set with Spencer Tracey and Katharine Hepburn. You can't beat the classics!

After last year's brief hiatus from homemade valentines, this year I decided it is actually easier and way more meaningful to make them ourselves. After the crazy year when everyone made different valentines, this year all three Littles made the same thing. We had a great time making them. I found this super cute Love Bug valentine on Pinterest.  Here is our version:

We put them in cellophane because it is really hard to get that bug to stick to the paper. Both Tink and the Captain were able to write on all theirs and cut out most of them. It was all too much for The Blitz so I cut and wrote and he packaged them up.

The Captain was so funny. When I told him what it said, he said, "Oh and I'm giving them a bug. That's funny." I think the play on words was lost on the other two.

We will have some form of chocolate, perhaps champagne and as usual, lavish lots of love on the kids. I will give everyone some candy in a heart shaped box, pencils to all, and I have little "love bird" trinket boxes for the Bigs. We will read a couple of lovey-dovey kid-books and talk about St. Valentine.  I do love my family so much and am always grateful for another occasion to show it!

I am grateful for you, too, dear reader.  I wish you love abundant on Valentine's Day.

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