Friday, April 29, 2011

Tinker-isms and Other Oddities

Tinker has been talking a lot lately.  And some of what she says is pretty darn cute.

She has decided that if you give her several things, like 5 jelly beans, she says, "Thanks."  But if you give her one thing, like a cup, she says, "Thank."

If you help her a lot, or she wants something a lot, she will "Thank you too much."   However, if you help her to something she doesn't really want, like hand her a cup of milk or put her in the high chair she says, "Thank you little bit."

If she doesn't want something, she says "I can't want it.

She always wants Pepper to do her "ponytails."  That's "toenails" to you and me!

Tinker Post Makeover
"Boo-boos" are "boom-booms."  Boom-booms are apparently contagious because now everyone gets them.  Grandpa taught us that in Czek, a belly button is a "Pupek."  So all of us have pretty much started calling that strange bit of humanity, "pupek."  But Tinker contends that they are actually "Belly butts."

Today The Captain -- who has recently learned to put words to his personal authority -- kept saying, "Tink, I don't like that."  I finally said, "Tinker.  What are you doing to your brother?"
"I tantrum him, Mom, sorry!"

All the kids love cabbage.  Too bad they think it's "babbage."

The Captain is definitely getting better command of language.  He cannot process "Why," "Who" or "what" questions much of the time, however.  Therefore, you never know if his answers to such questions are true.  Yesterday I told him that his teacher had called me.  (She told me that recently when he loses control, they go for a walk outside.) He looked sad and said, "Yes.  I have fit at school."
"Why did you have a fit, son?"
"I want to go for walk."

It's impossible to tell if this is truly the reason or it's just that the question stymied him.

Puddin' has a new, extended nickname -- you have to say it with a little beat.  I call her "K-K-my-puddin'-pop."  It's really sweet -- whenever she feels insecure, she says "I your K-K-Pop, Mama"
One day we got in a conversation that went like this: "Mama, You funny!"
"You're funny, Puddin'"
"You funny, Mama."
To which, I said, "Well, I'm funny looking!"

This conversation has now morphed into a silly ritual:
"Mama, You funny!"
"You're funny, Puddin."
"Well, you funny 'yookin' Mama!"

The Blitz
The Blitz is using lots of words -- about half of them to tattle!  Yesterday when he woke up at 3:45, I put him on the sofa and insisted he go back to sleep.   He actually talked in his sleep and said, "No, mama, I need (blah-blah)."  I didn't catch the last word but am so impressed he talks in his sleep.

He has recently decided that I am "Honey."  This reminds me so much of Pepper who, at his age, called Daddy and I "Honey" more than anything else.  Her famous saying is when she noticed it was a very gray winter day said, "It's a gloomy day, honey."

Sunshine showing off her Mother's Day tooth accident - Age 2
Sunshine, at two, thought all 3 syllable words began with the syllable "to" as in, "to-bana" (banana) and "to-bony" (bologna) and my all time favorite "to-betty" (spaghetti.).  I often wish I'd had blogs when the "bigs" were little as I'm sure so much of their sweetness has been forgotten, although I swore I'd never forget.

Pepper at 4
When the "bigs" were little, I was very careful about germs.  I never would let the girls play with toys at the doctor's office because I was sure they were covered in yuckiness.  One day when Pepper was 4, I was signing in at the desk.  She pulled on my shirt to get my attention and said, "Mom, can you not look at me while I play with the dirty toys please?"

Hope this gave you a smile!

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