Friday, April 8, 2011

Home Improvement

A couple of weeks ago, Dear Hubby and I decided we needed to re-do our side yards.  We have re-sodded these areas twice and grass just doesn't grow in shade, I don't care WHAT anyone tells you.  So I came up with a garden diagram (to scale, mind you!) and then we had about a week-long discussion on what kind of path to make through it.  Finally, we decided a sidewalk was the way to go.

This is along the back of the house from the patio
The workers started at 7:00 a.m. and it has entertained us all day.  We have the dogs and the kids locked in the house and the kids have spent the balance of the day standing at the kitchen windows watching.  Here is the mostly done work.

Along the side of house -- workers by the gate.

We decided to have the kids do their hand-prints.  It's a little hard to see since I shot it at noon, but if you squint just right you can make them out.  The little stones are ones we picked up on the beach in Positano, Italy!
Pepper and Tink on the left

The Blitz, the Captain and Sunshine on the RIght.  So fun

We are putting in Big Blue Liriope along the house and fence and Purple Wintercreeper between the Liriope adn the sidewalk.  Fun, huh?  We are going to continue a similar theme on the other side of the house, sans the sidewalk.  So far I have put about 15 hours of labor into this project and Paul about 7.  It's hard work but so satisfying.  I figure it will take me 10-15 more hours to finish the planting.  I am loving every minute.


  1. Gardening always makes me feel grounded. Hope now that illness is past it does the same for you. Can't wait to see the yard in person!

  2. we are putting in a new patio this summer and the kids are already asking about hand prints. It's a good thing it's going to be a big patio.