Monday, May 2, 2011

Thrift or Craft? You Decide!

There are a lot of girls in this house and we are all fond of pretty things, particularly pretty hair things.  I don't know if you've noticed but pretty hair things are expensive.  The local discount store wants $3 - $5 a piece for these little treats.  Since most hair clips around here are either dissassembled by Puddin' or end up in The Blitz' mouth, I am loath to spend that much; might as well throw the money directly in the trash and save a step!

Yesterday my number one crafter, Pepper, asked for a stop at the fabric store.  Since we only had The Captain in tow, I acquiesced.  I found plain hair clips for 10 cents a piece and grabbed some super-cheap  self adhesive ribbon, and took flowers from the sale bins.  Last night Pepper and I sat down in front of t.v. and created these guys for about $0.15 each.   I figure the whole tray cost less than $2.50. 

Please consider this my May Day offering since for the first time in my life I forgot to commemorate May Day by leaving flowers anonymously on my neighbors' doorsteps.  Oopsie.


  1. My friend makes those for me - I have one in my hair right now!