Monday, February 21, 2011

Quick Funny

I think I've mentioned recently that we are enjoying The Captain's sense of humor now that he is conversational.  He and Tink have regular conversations and they are mostly funny.  Last night at church, Pepper sat with me and the two youngest while Daddy took The Captain and sat in the pews. 

After church there was a big reunion with hugs and then we hustled everyone into the car.  As we are driving off, The Captain says to the Tink:

"Hi Tink."

(Tink) "Hi. I had fun in church."

There was a pregnant pause followed by a derisive snort..
Finally, the Captain says, "Noooooo you didn't."
Then they both laughed.

We cracked up.  Three years old and he already knows kids don't have fun at church. 

In other news, Sunshine will soon by heating up the bases -- Opening ceremonies for softball are February 27 and her first game is March 1.  We can't wait, actually.  It's so much fun to watch her play.

Pepper has her first track meet March 3.  No details on time yet.  She's getting in pretty good shape so it will be fun to see her strut her stuff.

Happy Monday!

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