Sunday, February 6, 2011

Please Pass the Pepper

I never knew how great it was to have a high-schooler.  No, I am not (for once) being facetious.  It is truly fun.  I can see Pepper more and more coming in to herself.  I see her working less at what she thinks she should be and just relaxing into who she is. 

She is so funny and clever.  I love sharing humorous movies and books with her because she gets it on a deep level. She enjoys slapstick, sure, but she also loves dry wit and irony, in particular.   Her sense of humor is what earned her the nickname "Pepper."  She just has a bunch of zip.

She's well read, and I think that will stand her in good stead in the future.  In addition to having a broader, better-informed view of life, well-read people make interesting conversationalists.  I read a lot of books when I was her age, but they were mostly junk.  She reads the good stuff;  the challenging, complicated literary works that exercise her brain and her imagination.
I did not know that part of mothering would be this almost clairvoyant ability to see one's childrens' abilities and capabilities.  As she talks about her future career paths, I can see the possibilities.  There is so much potential for her;  she's a good student so academically, she has a lot of choices.  And she has a lot of creative possibilites too; cooking, art, needlework, writing.  I can see it all.


I especially appreciate her choices early on not to be a conformist -- but also not to be a rebel.  She is -- simply --herself, and most of the time, she is great with it. 

Several years ago, she made a decision "not to be embarrassed."  This is a huge relief to a high school mom.  I can't embarrass her!  Whew!  If she trips over the door frame or blurts out something "untoward" -- she forgives herself.  She wastes no energy on embarrassment.

Sure, from time to time she doubts herself -- she thinks she should be more popular or whatever -- but mostly, she is a gal with her feet on the ground.

She's a marvelous creature, "wondrous to behold."

  I'm immensely blessed to walk this path with her! 


  1. What beautiful photos, for a beautiful, all-around amazing girl. I remember being so impressed with her breadth of knowledge just playing board games with her 2 Thanksgivings ago. What a lucky mama you are, and what a lucky young woman to have a mama pay tribute to her so thoughtfully and eloquently!

  2. I love my teenagers. They are turning into such amazing people. I never expected to love this stage so much. Everyone makes it sound like they all get possessed and start vomiting pea soup.

  3. Thanks, Colleen. By the way, Tink has named her dolly after you -- remind me to introduce you.

    Michelle -- you are so right. There are frustrations, of course, but mostly, I love it. They are so capable and smart and fun. Oh, I already said that!

  4. Love this post. And LOVE the name Pepper...please tell me that her real name, and not just her blog name. That's fabulous!
    Tell Pepper I love her coat!
    And she sounds delightful. You're making me happy that soon I too will have a high schooler. I have a high schooler son, but all he wants to do with me is eat at McDonald's. I'm hoping my daughter will be more like Pepper :)

  5. Pepper seems like an awesome gal! Glad to know that - she looks super cool and confident too. Lucky you! Touchwood.