Saturday, February 12, 2011

Oh, No

Today in my best "lazy mother" voice, I said to Sunshine, "Please go check on Tink in the bathroom."  

I had that nagging feeling she'd been gone too long.

"Mom, come quick -- Tink flooded the bathroom."

Shoot.  I knew it was too quiet in there.  I shift into Dictator mode and in minutes have used kitchen tongs to remove the 1/2 roll of toilet paper, plunged the beast and used the carpet cleaner (thanks, honey) to suck up the water.  Then the young mistress was called in for a little lecture and quite a bit of frowning.  It was a minor disaster, averted due to Sunshine's quick thinking in turning off the water to the commode.

An hour later, Tink, comes in from outside to go potty.  I trail a few steps behind and lurk outside the door.  I hear talking.

"Don't break da toi-wet.  Don't  break da toi-wet.  Pull up your pants.  Don't go bare bottom.  Fwush da toiwet.  Now fwush da toi-wet."

I hear her hand on rattle the handle, and then in the most deflated voice you have ever heard,  "Oh, nooooo."  

I peek around the corner and she nearly jumped out of her skin.  "What's the matter, honey?"

 She puts her hands on her head.  "I don know." 

"Don't worry.  Mommy fix it."

 It was fine.  I'd forgotten to turn the water back on , but it's safe to say, I think Tink has learned her lesson.  She was the best girl ever for the rest of the day.

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