Monday, July 1, 2013

A few Snapshots on a Monday

I am headed out to work today but for your viewing pleasure, here are a few snapshots.

Sunshine; just looking cute on a summer day. This is the shot she liked.

Here is my pick.

 The Captain was supposed to be showing off his two missing teeth but didn't get the memo.
 Ah, here you are. What good is a camera if you can't have a few "up the nose" shots?
 Pepper ready for prom
 Our sweet friend Becca. A sweet teen from a great family.
Sunshine has a lot of good friends but Becca is one who will stick for a lifetime. 

Sunshine.  She left the tiara in the car but I loved it.

All three girls had a ball at the prom.  Can't believe how grown-up they are!

Tink's new school has uniforms. Do you think she has a future as a model?
My coworker and her daughter joined us for Memorial Day. She fit right in. The kids can't wait to meet up again on the 4th.

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