Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sweet Things and a Few Photos

The Blitz is finally getting the idea of a dream versus a story. The other morning, sleepy eyed, he said, "I had a sweet dream, Mama. I was climbing a tree and I climbed way out and then I slipped and I fell. I was floating and didn't get hurt." I loved that he called it a "sweet" (pronounced "thweet") dream.

Tonight at the table, he said "I'm going to tell a story.  Begin . . . " and when he got done, he said, "End."  So funny.

This is the look. It means everything you think it does. I wish that this picture showed his "lobster jams." He loves lobsters for some reason. The first night he wore, them, Tinker accidentally called the lobster a "crab," and he yelled, "It's not crabby!" then threw himself on the floor and had a fit. Nut.

The Littles were jealous when Ms. Colleen brought Sunshine a birthday balloon so I took them out on Friday and bought them each one.  Tinker picked "La La Loopsie" of whom I'd never heard. Later, I asked her how she knew the name of the character.  "Oh, Mom," she said, "You have to remember a cute name like that!"

The Captain gets allowance now that he's six. He puts 25% in his piggy bank and 10% in the offering plate and the rest he gets to spend. I have been carrying "the rest" in my purse for weeks. He wants to spend it but can't quite part with it. It's adorable. Oh and he is just the best big brother ever. He told The Blitz, "It's okay if you're short, brother, I am looking out for you." And he is! Tinker's future suitors better look out.  (I don't remember why the Captain's shirt is so wet. It's hot here. They play in the water a lot.)

Pepper just got home from teaming Cross Training. She loves it so much. I'm grateful that she has a job that allows her to take time off to serve.  She really loves her "recruits" and I am praying she gets to be Sergeant Major next year because it's the only way you get to be on team after you graduate.

Sunshine had a ball on her mission trip to Denver. She came home both sick and tired, though, and is still recovering from the cold. She recently said, "Mom those little kids we served taught me a lot about being charitable."  Awww!

Bless my Bigs and their big hearts!

The Captain was bike riding and the other two were playing a hysterical game in which they tried to do a "cartwheel" --aka somersault -- at the exact moment he passed by on the bike. They were having so much fun. It was crazy.

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