Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Preschool Fine Motor Skills

Disclaimer:  This blog has morphed from newsy "keep the parents up to date" blog into a combination of that plus homeschooling stuff I'm trying to remember plus  "online scrapbook" for when the kids grow up.  Sorry Grandparents, some of these posts are probably downright boring to you!

I saw an idea on Pinterest to use egg cartons with colored paper in them to help little ones sort by color.  My thought on the matter was why not use plastic Easter eggs in the cartons for double the fun?

Of course we were limited to the colors of eggs Mama could easily reach!  In this example we're using Skittles but we have since started using buttons.  They don't care about the candy as much as the sorting so the buttons are fun because I will let them have a lot of buttons but only a few candies.

This set up (times 3 of course) is now stored in my "Preschool in a Box" which I will remember to write about one of these days!

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