Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Birthday Boy!

It's hard to believe, but The Captain is 5.  Can it be?  The Blitz -- right now -- is the exact age The Captain was when they all arrived.  He seems so little!

The Captain, on the other hand, seems SO big!  All of a sudden, all his size 5s look too small and I had to order enough clothes to get him through the cold season.  Grandma gave him some birthday money so he will get to pick out some clothes and maybe a toy.  It seems they have so many toys.

I got up this morning and The Blitz said, "Hey, that's a birthday cake!"  (Imagine that with a Brooklyn-ish accent.  We don't know where his inner New Yorker comes from!)  I said, "Yes, guess whose birthday it is?"

The Captain jumped up and yelled, "It's my birthday, mom?  Really?  I'm 5 now?"  This is huge for him.  SO much talking.  Anyway, here's a peek at the big day so far:

I ordered pizza, everyone's favorite.  Then we waited for the cake.

One of us was not a gracious waiter.

This "Dandy Lion" cake was baked and decorated by Pepper.  It's a "Cut-Out" cake from the original antique books I got from Mom.  We had cut-out cakes when we were kids and my kids have had them too.  I better make a copy of those books and store them in a safe place!

Then he blew all the candles out on the first try.  He wished for a bat.  He didn't know not to tell!

Finally, trying out the bat.  (Sorry for the fuzzy video; not sure why it is like that!)

Thanks, Daddy, for coming home on your lunch hour.  It's really hard to wait all day when you are only 5!

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  1. Awe. Avery turns five soon and I'm not ready. I can't believe they are getting so big.