Tuesday, August 23, 2011

School Days

Today was our second day-in-a-row of the "first day of school."   I don't get to pick their school clothes any more.

Pepper looks like a sophomore, doesn't she?  So pretty and put together.

I can't believe Sunshine consented to being photographed with "morning hair."  She is very concerned about her appearance all the time.  Here's the scoop:

"Mom, take my picture too, it's my first day!"
"Well, sure, but don't you want to change your clothes and comb your hair first?"
"No mom. This shows why everyone should home school!"
 She didn't comb her hair until noon.  And she finished her first day of 8th grade by 10:00 a.m.  Of course, she did start her work on Sunday!

(By the way, in Sunshine's arms is our new moment of insanity - I mean kitty.  Her name is Sushi and shes a love bug.)

Here is the comparison shot!  "Regular" school or at-home school -- which do you prefer?

 Here's The Captain, ready to take over the PEAR program.  PEAR stands for Pre-school Expressive and Receptive Language program.  It's his second year with Mrs. Rose, whom he adores, and his first year with Mrs. M whom I sure he will fall in love with this week.

I was holding the camera low so I could shoot him without squatting so he kept thinking he had to tip his head to fit in the shot!

I had to include this picture not only to show off his CARZ backpack (which thrills him because it's CARZ and thrills me because I got it for only $15), but to show how dark it is when you catch a bus at 6:45.  No that was not a misprint!

This is the saddest sight in the world!

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