Monday, August 22, 2011

Hair Salon

Sometimes it is still sinking in -- we have five kids!!  And two of them are boys who need regular haircuts.  This reality is still dawning on me;  one more thing to schedule in, one more expense.  It's the time, really; getting to the kids' barber during their business hours and when both boys are awake and relaxed, it's daunting.  It occurred to me that one of us should learn to cut their hair but I have little facility with scissors.  Pepper has been wanting to do it but I have been reluctant to say yes; I wasn't sure they'd behave for her.

Last weekend, I relented.  Those boys needed haircuts.  She did The Blitz's Friday, and The Captain's Saturday.  Tinker was jealous and since Pepper did such a great job on the boys, I let her cut Tink's too.  I had just decided that I was going to have a couple inches cut off; she hates the hot hair and no break in the heat is in sight.

Here are the results.  They all were perfect for her and the results were amazing.  Sunshine gets a little credit because she actually trimmed Tinker's bangs yesterday before we decided to go for the full makeover!

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