Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summertime is Family Time - Album 2

It was worth driving 2400 miles for what awaited us once we arrived.  We arrived at my sister's in Montana on Friday and then got to the folks' in Idaho on the Saturday before Mother's Day.  Somehow the time just flew by and I did not get out to see the Uncles and Aunts, but I was so thrilled to get to spend so much time with "my" Idaho kids.  We didn't get to see Guy and John (in London)  Royce (in Montana), Anneka (in California) or Carin and clan (in Oregon) but we are hoping to drag them out for the next Huntley camping extravaganza.

 Uncle Jason and Gabriel
 Aunt "Dark" (Darinda) and Papa

 Alli looking happy to be out of the car
 Yes folks we have it right here -- Kolby can be captured for a kiss from his beautiful mama

 Lisa with her newest niece, Zita.  These two have a special bond.
 Cousins and friends; Kolby was so patient with all the Littles
 Ted looking pretty in Maggie's hat
 TJ and Mikayla monkeying around 
Love this sweet shot of Papa and the Littles 
He has endless patience!
 Mamaw and Papa
 Guy was busy working in London but here are the rest of us "kids" with Mom and Dad
 Mom and her "baby."
 Alli and our precious Zita
 She is the best of both her parents
PHere is her proud mama, Melissa.  We love you so much, Melissa -- we're so glad you and TJ ran into each other!

Every child should get to play in the wheat.

Uncle Ted

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