Monday, September 19, 2011

Goin's On

Here's what happening in Little People Land:

When I say things to Tinker like, "You are so smart."  She looks at me seriously and says, "Yes I am."

The Blitz has a new nickname:  "Gabby Gander."  Why oh why did we encourage him to talk?  Holy cow.  He never stops.  Really.

"See dat Mommy?  Dat blue mommy.  Dat green flower mommy.  Dat red apple mommy.  Doggy mommy.  White doggy mommy.  See dat mommy? "  That's what he said while I typed this paragraph!

Gabby Gander is learning to dress himself.  When I ask him to turn around to facilitate dressing, he turns around and around and then says, "See dat Mommy?"  He totally does not get what I am asking.

Apparently The Captain is finally getting the hang of talking too.  Yesterday he was the last one eating because he talked Tinker's ear off all through lunch;  he was explaining to her an incident that had happened earlier in the day.  If you've met this quiet boy you will be shocked at all he said:

"I knock Baby over and Mommy grab me.  I start cry.  She say, "I sorry.  I scare you?" I say yes.  She say, 'No be scare.  I not want you knock over baby.'  I say 'okay' mommy and I not have fit.  I not knock over baby.  Dat not friendly.  We got be careful baby Mag."

I can't believe it.  I'm thrilled for him not only to have words, but to be able to relay something that happened pretty accurately.  He is such a happy boy these days. 

Tinker thinks it's funny to snub people.  After she snubbed our neighbor (who was showering us with gifts) I decided we'd work on it this week.  So as we drove to Grandma's house, I reminded her we need to be friendly.  When we enter a room, we say hello to everyone there.  "Okay Mommy."  We walked in and she snubbed Great Aunt Ruth and Grandma.  Seriously.

I sent her out to sit on the stoop.  We didn't have to worry about her going anywhere since we could hear her wailing.  I brought her in for a do-over.  She snubbed them again.  Back out she went.  More wailing.  One more chance "or you will sit in your car seat in the car." She greeted them warmly and with a hug.  She is one stubborn kid.  She apparently got the message though because the same speech on the way to Weight Watchers prompted her to walk in, hug my leader and say "hello" to literally everyone in the room one at a time.  It got pretty funny.

She must realize growing up has requirements and babies have license because she told Pepper the other day, "I want to grow down not up."

A few funny family words:
"Clute" = cute
"lello" = yellow
ugry = ugly (and refers to a way of acting not looking)
dat goss = that's gross
yutty = yucky
handle = hand (to the Blitz)

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