Sunday, September 25, 2011

Celebrating Pepper

Our Pepper turned 15 last Saturday.    A few weeks before her birthday she said all she wanted was to be able to take several of her friends to Red Lobster for her birthday dinner.  She didn't need a lot of presents, she was just wanted to dress up and go out to eat.

This is a characteristically Pepper kind of request.  She is all about the connections.  We said, "yes," of course.

We decided to celebrate a day early so her besties could all join in.  Her friends came right after school and I didn't see the girls for an hour and a half.  But there were a lot of giggling sounds coming from that side of the house.  Suddenly all five of them emerged, coiffed and polished.  Here they are posing with our Bubby whom none of us noticed sneaking into the photo.

Since it was a Friday night, there was quite a wait.  They managed to entertain themselves; I had no doubt.  I was a little worried about the choice of venue since lots of kids don't eat fish, but all these girls did.  I was impressed with their manners and their menu choices. 

After a huge meal, we headed home for presents and cake with Daddy and Grandma.  She seemed to love all her gifts. 

Pepper is a gift to us.  She is big-hearted, smart as a whip and completely creative.  The first time I laid eyes on her, I knew it was meant to be.  15 years later, I am still so grateful she's mine!

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  1. What a lovely young lady and a lovely post! So glad you had such a nice celebration. Wish her a belated Happy Birthday from us!