Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tiny baby and a Friend

Last Saturday, we four girls attended a baby shower for my nephew Justin and his wife, Juliet.  It was Tink's first comprehension of pregnancy.  She wanted to know was it Juliet's birthday (?) and I explained that, no, she had a tiny baby in her tummy so these were presents for the baby.    Juliet sat quite near us so Tink had a lot of time to examine that tummy.  As we were saying goodbye, Tink said to me, "Ju-wee not fat.  She had tiny baby." 

"Right," I say, "Tiny baby."

Nothing further is mentioned and all Tink will tell The Captain about the party is that it was really fun, she had cake! and there were stairs!!! 

Wednesday morning Tink is sitting in her high chair examining her arm.  I figured she was looking for a "Boob-boob" to complain about.  Instead she says, "Mama, come here."

I walk over.  She points to the chubby part of her arm.

"Guess what, mama?  I have a tiny baby in here!"

Speaking of babies, Tink is having a ball playing babies with our foster-friend.  That's right, we got a new friend yesterday.  She turned 3 recently and she is the same girl who was here in December just before Christmas.  She walked right in and called me "Meemaw."   It sounds like a foster parent's dream, but it is actually pretty sad that this little girl can so easily re-start life in a new place.  Daddy signed relinquishment this time so she will get a "forever family" soon.  Bless her.

Pepper had her third track meet on Thursday.  She runs the 800 and the 1600 (the race formerly known as "the mile.").  She has been struggling a lot with running as she has had one virus after another this year.  This time around she shaved several seconds off her 800 time and thirty seconds off her mile.  She looked good and passed three or four people on the way around.  So proud of her!

My camera hates me this week so no pics today!

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  1. Tink is so sweet, I'm glad you could make it - I love connecting with you all.