Saturday, March 5, 2011


 Pepper and Sunshine are creative in coming up with ways to entertain The Littles.  On a recent 84 degree day, Sunshine got out the hose.

We probably didn't think it through.  It was 84 degrees, but the water was not.  Two days later, The Blitz was out of commission with a cold and fever.  Mommy really didn't think that one through. 

Poor baby.  Couldn't finish his lunch!
He connected the dots, too, because on the day he was the most ill, I sent Tinker and the Captain out to play with a stern admonishment to stay out of the water because it was too cold.  The Blitz looked at me sadly and said, "Cold.  My nose.  Sick."   He is clearly a lot smarter than I am.

Pepper loves to play makeover with the kids.  On this day she used tape and turned them into the three little pigs.  They all thought it was hilarious.  Enjoy the photos because I should probably destroy them!

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