Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Short List of Random Things

All the kids are funny.  Even the big ones --- although they appreciate it less when I laugh at them.  So I am making a couple of notes for posterity.

Sunshine has been wanting "boots" for a year.  I'd characterize them as go-go style boots.  Yesterday we bought her Christmas dress, tights and boots.  She's so happy.   She looks like a girl from the 60's but with more sparkle.  The boots are Candies brand.  So Sunshine modeled her outfit for the folks and I and mused, "There are a lot of things that are Candies brand.  Clothes and purses and shoes and even Lamme's chocolates."  Funny.

The Blitz is talking up a storm and has entered a new funny phase.  He stands in the middle of the room with no one touching him and points at various people and says, "No.  No, NO!"  This is very confusing to The Captain and Tink.  They keep looking at me to make sure I know they are not actually doing anything to him.  He has also learned to sing Happy Birthday, thanks to Grandma and Aunt Toots having a birthday this week.  The only word you can actually understand is "you" but he is obviously very sincere about it.  Yesterday's phrase was "I love you"  which sounds a lot like "Lie-La-LOOOOOH" but it is really cute.  He was tickled pink that I understood him.

This morning someone accidentally tooted -- okay it was me.  I was sitting on the sofa.  Tink looked at me very compassionately and said, "Did you poop?" She can make the most sincere faces -- it is really hard to discipline her without cracking up.  I noticed Mamaw suddenly has to leave the room almost every time she gets in trouble.

The Captain was really into Trick-or-Treating.  Now every single day he asks me, "Trick or Treat?"  And the time change has thrown this poor boy for a loop.  He wakes up early and then mommy gets cross when he wakes his sibs.  And he is STARVING the second he awakens which has messed with my schedule, big time.  He is also starving when he gets home from school and he is mighty impatient to get into the house and eat.  He is really taking charge of his talking now and actually initiates conversations with me, especially about school.  I cannot believe how truly thrilling this is.

Pepper had a couple of sick days lately and has amused us all with her ability to quote movies with accents, especially Monty Python.  She has also suddenly become an accomplished whistler, something I am utterly unable to do.  She recently got a chance to do a field trip with the older art students -- they sketched a live model.  She totally amazes me with her artistic ability.

That's the news from the funny farm.  Wish I'd have had a blog when the big girls were "littles!"

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