Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween with the Bigs and the Littles

Halloween is over. I survived. As usual, nothing quite went as planned; lesson learned. Next year (and I am saying this out loud so I actually have to stick to it) NO pizza! Last minute changes in plans equated to a LOT of leftover pizza -- again. Next year - build your own sandwich bar. That way, the leftovers are more useful.

I really wanted "the Littles" to get an early start. I was afraid the
"spooks" would scare the pants off Tink. Well we did get an early start about an hour later than I'd planned! We have a family rule -- you only trick-or-treat as far as you can walk. Because that's probably about how much fun you can stand.

The Captain was a bossy cowboy. Ooops. Did I say that out loud?  I meant a cowboy. Tink was a "whimsical witch" - super cute. The Blitz was a sweaty doggy. His costume was way too hot. I feared that -- I bought it when we had that real brief cold spell. Of course I can't post pics of the darling dearlings because of foster care rules. So you will have to take my word for it.

The big girls were enterprising in their costumes this year and I spent a grand total of $10 on both! Sunshine was a "scene girl." No one seems to know what this is. I'd call it "punk rock meets pink." Pepper was a kitty -- adorable -- although this photo is scary. I like it that the girls aren't gruesome in their costuming. Even hubby got in on the act with his jester costume.

The church still had Religous Education last night. Both girls laughed themselves silly when I asked them if they wanted to go! Seriously? How many people do you think turned up? It's pretty over the top when even I am not "that good."

I let Pepper trick-or-treat. I know she's "too old" -- but she was not anywhere near the oldest of the kids who came to my door. What do you think, dear reader, is 14 too old?

After all the yelling (mine) to get the Littles out the door, it was actually fun. The Bigs had a ball and the Littles could not believe they were lucky enough to be given CANDY! Hope your day was just as great!

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