Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Back to Old Town

A couple of months back, it began dawning on me that the charter school was not the right place for Tinker and The Blitz. It was a tough decision for "bloom-where-you-are-planted" me but in the end, we decided to move them back to their home campus of Old Town Elementary.

We have only had good experiences at Old Town. Initially I started Tinker in a charter school for Kinder so she and The Captain would not be in the same school in the same grade. I wanted him to have a chance to blossom on his own. That worked but since this year, The Captain followed me to Forest Creek, the conflict would not be there. 

We moved them over the break and it has been wonderful. Tinker is getting only "good marks" for behavior and The Blitz has had a total turnaround in writing confidence. They needed a chance to succeed; they are too young to give up on school.

Don't misunderstand; I think their charter school is a great school and we loved our teachers there. The teaching methodology was not a good fit, however, for these two early learners. Additionally, I think the numbers of students who were ahead of grade level also impacts the experience for kids like our little guys.

So, for now, la vie en rose!

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