Monday, September 1, 2014

Haircuts, a Lunchbox and Other Joys

Pepper is home for the long weekend and I was ever so glad to see her take out the clippers.  She let all the kids pick out their own hair do and they are a bit extreme -- but SO cute.  She did a great job.  Here are the "before," "during" and "afters" of Tink:

The pictures don't do it justice; it's adorable.

Here's the Blitz's new cut; he says we have to call him "Flash" now:

He's not so "Flash"y when he gets home from school. Kindergarten is leaving him completely shagged out.  The other day I went to Weight Watchers and when I got home at 6:30, this is how he was:

Daddy put him to bed and he didn't wake until 5:30 the next morning! Thankfully he'd been fed first!

Here is The Captain with his cool cut. I love his curls but he loves the shaved head.  At least Pepper convinced him to add a little decoration!

Finally, I did squeeze in time to make a new lunchbox from scraps I had around. I priced out new lunch boxes on Amazon and at Target and they are SO expensive!  It's lined in oilcloth and insulated. The total cost was $1 for the drawstring.  I love it because it's big enough for a bento box and a soda standing up.  I bought a book of lunchbox patterns on Kindle.  I'm working on another one now.    Pepper got inspired and made her own but I didn't get a picture and it's at SFA now.

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