Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ballplayers, Beards, Bad Haircuts and Boyfriends: Photos from Feb

You tell me. Are these the two most adorable ball players ever?

We've got an Angel

And a White Sox

This little guy adores his big bro

Some sister shots:

And a poor choice haircut:

Daddy is growing his beard to prove to me that it will never get long no matter how many months he grows it. I think it is looking good!

And finally, the photo debut of Pepper's boyfriend. Hmmm. He needs a nickname. Guess we'll call him "Chef." He is a wonderful cook like Pepper and they met at the Caphalon Store. Isn't that romantic?

This photo looks staged but isn't. This is how
much she smiles around him all the time.  
Okay. They caught me. It may have been the blinding flash.
This sweet guy brought her DINNER! Greatest boyfriend ever.

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