Monday, November 4, 2013

Birth Family Visit and a Falling in Love with a School

I am on vacation so Mom, Pepper and I made an impromptu trip to East Texas with a three-fold purpose:  1) Take Mamaw to see her friend Nancy Lee; (2) Take Pepper to see her birth-family, and (3) Visit Stephen F Austin State University to see if Pepper wants to add it to her list of potential schools.

Everything went beautifully and, dare I say it, I think Pepper will soon be a "Lumber Jack!"  She loved the school! We all did! I think Mamaw and I are ready to enroll too.

Here is Mom with Nancy Lee; that's on e of Nancy Lee's beautiful quilts in the background!

We did not get any snapshots of Pepper at the U, but thankfully got tons of pictures with her birth-family. Some may be a little blurry to a little baby love on the lens!

That's birth Grandma on the left!
Adorable baby Baylee

Haylee with Grandma

Those beautiful girls belong to Pepper's birth-sister; that's her brother here too! Can you see the resemblance?

Can you imagine living your life without seeing anyone who had your dna?  Here are three sibs together. This was a thrill.

What an amazing day!

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