Friday, October 4, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

I'm joining Jennifer Fulwiler in her "Seven Quick Takes" today. I waved at her Sunday when we made a rare foray to 11:30 Mass and it reminded me I wanted to do this!

1. Pepper had a birthday. The worst mom ever is just now posting it. She's 17!  Where did the time go? No, seriously -- it has gone by so quickly. In typical Pepper fashion she opted for a low-key family birthday with one friend over and next weekend she'll have a couple friends over for Vietnamese food. Here is a cute shot of her with her friend Nik.  Her chosen menu was Pad Thai and Asian Salad followed by an Italian dessert, Panne Cotta. Sunshine made her a cake but we forgot to take a pic. Of course.

2. Mamaw and Papa finally got here in their motor-home from Idaho. It's about a 2300 mile drive, y'all, a pretty serious commitment. We've been playing cards, reading with the Littles and generally soaking up the love. They got here just in time for Pepper's birthday. Hopefully we'll have them till December at least.

3.  I have been learning a lot about pigs. Someone gave me the book, The Good, Good Pig by Sy Montgomery. This is a great book. It's interesting and so well written. I'm not much of a pig-lover, or wasn't, but this is just plain good reading. It's also a very good example of a memoir for all you organized people

4. Sunshine had her first day of school. The nice thing about homeschooling is that it is so laid back, you don't necessarily even get around to taking your first day of school pictures for a month. You will still have to wait a couple days because she refused to get dressed today. She is doing very well keeping up with her schoolwork and showing a lot of responsibility. I have it so easy in the homeschooling department.

5. Soapberries. You know I am a secret hippie. I have been shampoo-less for almost 2 years - wait, 3?  And my homemade body butter is working out great. Now I am thinking about experimenting with soapberries. I plan to hunt some up this weekend and give them a try. You can buy them but I am planning to find them wild around here!  Wish me luck!

6. My meal team is planing an All Saints Day surprise for the parish teens (340+).  I need some software to make saint icons for cupcakes but I want it cartoony. Any suggestions? These are my favorites but not affordable given the variety I'm hoping for. I think I may bite the bullet and buy two sets of Happy Saints and then share them with my friends so I don't feel so guilty! Just let me know if you want to borrow them.

7. I'm tired. I think several (or all) of us have a latent little virus that makes us tired and stupid. The boys are both running fevers so got a day off from school. We all look like we haven't slept in days. This too shall pass! I'm planning 6 hours of work followed by an early bedtime and sleeping in for everyone tomorrow. Yay Saturday.

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