Monday, August 19, 2013

Senior Girl!

Oh, my goodness, the water-works have started!  Am I going to be bawling all year?  Pepper is a Senior. She was born half-grown but how did the time go so fast?

She has been such a huge help all spring and summer with the new job and all the heart stuff -- I can't even begin to tell you. For instance, Friday she went to the grocery store because I couldn't bear to do it the night before since I hadn't seen the Littles all day. Then she came home, put it all away, and baked carrot cake muffins to freeze for the school year. She topped this off by making the best cheesy enchiladas (low fat, thanks so much) and a black-bean confetti salad. It was so wonderful to come home from 10 hours on my feet to this beautiful meal.

 So she's back to Gateway today. We did a good job documenting our resources and her learning so they accepted all her homeschool credits and she is on the same path as all the other seniors. There are several kids still there she knows and her two favorite teachers. We also got the word that she gets to take two art classes so that's a joy.

To boot she did well on her SATs and will be taking the ACT soon. We are about to send off her application to her first choice university and hope for a great scholarship so she can go to this amazing school.

To make her return to school even more exciting, she just bought her first car! We helped her of course and Grandma helped a lot but she made a good and frugal choice, an older Hyundai Accent. So proud of the young woman she is. Oh and it's a standard so she had to learn how to manage that. She caught on quickly and took me on a very smooth ride tonight.

The pictures are a little blurry because I need a memory stick for the camera and these were on my iPod. But enjoy them anyway!

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