Friday, December 28, 2012


This year I entered Advent with one goal in mind, to give the kids an experience of Advent and not have Christmas until it got here.  For the most part, it worked. 

We were only 2 days late lighting the advent wreath the first time and managed to light it nearly every evening afterwards.  We had Mary on a donkey and Joseph heading toward Bethlehem on the kitchen wall.  Each day they advanced a little distance.  The kids were so excited on Christmas Eve when they finally got to the kitchen door.

We kept the ever-growing pile of gifts in my room, subject to only occasional glances, and moved it under the tree after the Littles went to bed on Christmas Eve. We replaced our usual bedtime reading with Christmas stories and our usual songs with advent ones.

This year, they finally got the meaning of Christmas.  They did get a few gifts earlier on but I think they finally got that it is really about Jesus bringing the light of God to earth.  It was good for all of us.

And then it was Christmas and it was all about Santa Claus and the presents.  Just being honest.  This first beautiful photo was taken by my niece Lily just before we headed out to church.  You can see the excitement in their eyes!

The lovely lady on the left is my Mother in Law, Gerry Tischler. Tinker (4) is in my arms, then Sunshine (14), The Captain (5) in front, The Blitz (3) in Sunshine's arms, Dear Hubby, and Pepper (16). 

I can't post any more pictures because I don't have a computer anymore and the set-up on the girls' machines requires me copying from one computer to the other and I can't do it.  Maybe later.

Happy fourth day of Christmas, everyone.

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