Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cute Christmas

Pepper has been busy planning teacher and friend gifts.  Last night we put it all together and it turned out so cute!  I picked up some little "tea" spoons at IKEA and she dipped them in chocolate and then crushed peppermint to make a great "stir in" for hot chocolate. 

Once the chocolate melts off, you still have this cute little spoon.

In the bottom of the cup is a packet of peppermint marshmallows and a packet of Ghiradelli chocolate chips. 

To finish the package she added two packets of hot chocolate and a couple of peppermint sticks.  

Most of her teachers are getting bento boxes this year.  I hope they will enjoy them!

In other news, I just finished a great book which I think will be helpful to all my kiddos and not just The Captain.  It's a book by Heather Forbes:  Beyond consequences, logic and control: a love based approach to helping children with severe behaviors. 

If you are interested in learning more, check out my review for [Sorry about the italics -- can't get them to go away!]

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  1. Love the idea with the spoons! We have done hot chocolate cups before, but never with real spoons...might have to try it.