Friday, November 18, 2011

7th Inning Stretch

Well, fall ball is over and Nitro emerged victorious. [This is slightly old news.] Sunshine is elated and she has a hysterical bobble-head trophy to display.  Their championship was hard fought and we were all so proud.  Looking at the scoreboard you can see their final game was a shut-out!

Last week her tournament team, The Lady Outlaws, had their "breaking up" tournament and lost in the middle rounds.  She won't get to play with this team again as she has aged out of their bracket.  But they played great. 

Lady Outlaws sizing up competition
Fierce Shortstop
That girl loves ball.  She LOVES it.  And what is even more shocking to me is that I love it too.  When Pepper started playing about 5 years ago I learned what every mother knows -- nothing is better than watching your kid play sports.  It doesn't matter if they win or lose; it doesn't matter if they are a big star or a big klutz -- it's thrilling.  [Okay -- well neither of the Bigs are klutzes so I don't really know it that last sentence is true but I suspect it is!]

It's really only the 7th Inning Stretch though, because that girl has gone and got herself onto a Select Team.  We probably won't see any tournament play until January because of our previous family commitments, but practice started for her yesterday.   She came home excited and upbeat.  Her coach is "great," the girls are "great," and the team is "great."   She already knew four of the girls on the team and two of her new friends are African American so she is really excited.

Did I mention she was the undisputed home-run queen on both teams?
Baseline hit
Heading home

She's safe!

Pepper thinks she may return to the fields next fall if her schedule won't work for track at school.  The Captain hopes to have his inaugural season in the spring.   If either Tinker or the Blitz have some crazy notion of playing soccer or taking dance, I have only one thing to say:

Play ball!

Daddy and The Blitz (not watching the game)

Cute but cold baby

Rambo costumes for the Monster Mash

With her buddy Nicole

Future Pinch Hitter



Coach Tammy

Maggie Rose - yes, it was COLD!

Photo credits go to Annette Ramirez and Tami Roberts.  Thanks a million, ladies!

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