Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The Blitz has found a couple of new ways to wreak havoc in his little world. He is still small enough to walk under open drawers in the kitchen but recently discovered he can reach over his head.  So he opens the drawer and fishes around to see what he reach.  He has known for some time where the "hair stuff" drawer is but has recently taken an interest in discovering the contents of all the other drawers.

He spent quite a while Saturday pushing a stool around the kitchen.  This enabled him to reach the stuff on the counters that we have carefully pushed just out of reach.  He was very amused by this game and ran around the kitchen climbing up on the stool and yelling "touch it!" I tried to get this silly activity on tape, but got the camera on just in time to witness him finding something actually interesting. So at least I have a little clip of that bit!  (I still have not figured out how to get my videos to load directly to my blog but at least I figured out how to embed the YouTube clip!)

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