Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Paranoid Mommy Finds a Cure

I admit it, I hate taking "the Littles" to the doctor.  Don't get me wrong, I love Dr. Azuma.  She is the greatest.  It's just that every time we go, someone gets sick two days later.  I can set my watch by it -- or my calendar, anyway.

Today was "the Blitz" 18-month well check.   Our doctor has a "well-child" waiting area, which I appreciate, but then we all go into the same exam rooms.  Having burned through all our entertainment in the waiting room, I was hatching a new plan for fun when we got into the exam room.  My first thought was how I wished I could scrub the place down before the kids picked up any germs.  Oh, great idea!  I gave Tink and The Blitz two diaper wipes each and let them have at it.  Tink scrubbed the kids table and "her" chair, which was great since she wound up getting in and out of that chair 50 times.  The Blitz mostly held his to his nose and pretended to sneeze, but at least he was touching everything in the room.

Does that mean they won't get sick?  Who knows!  But at least I feel better, right?

PS -- The Blitz has officially overcome any preemie delays, is well and strong.  23 lbs, 25% of height, 30th of weight.  "Growing and developing robustly" is the official verdict.

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